Affiliation and Dedication

All members of academic staff and students of FHS CU, who are performing a scientific research, are obliged to state their affiliation to FHS CU in all their publications and other results. With no affiliation the results cannot be included in your publication activity.

It’s recommended to dedicate your output to the grant that provided funding for your project (in some cases it’s obligatory).


In case of every result that was created on the basis of labour relations / study relations to Charles University the authors are obliged to state their affiliation. In case of members of academic staff or students FHS CU – there are obliged to state their affiliation to FHS CU.

The Affiliation is abided by Appendix nr.1 of Charles University Status and Rector’s Measure nr. 31/217 (Opatřením rektora č. 31/2017) and Rector’s Measure nr. 24/2018 Evidence of Creative Activity Results (Opatřením rektora č. 24/2018). Official institutional affiliation is stated in case of every type of result (peer reviewed journal article, scholarly books, chapters in scholarly books, essays in symposiums etc.) and in the language in which is the result written. In case of less frequent languages it’s recommended to add the affiliation in English too.

FHS CU official affiliation:

Charles University, Faculty of humanities

Short version:

Charles Univ, Fac Human

If it’s necessary to add an address, please use the following:

Univerzita Karlova, Fakulta humanitních studií, Pátkova 2137/5, Praha 8 – Libeň,

182 00, Česká republika (Czech Republic)

Journals: Usually there is an affiliation together with the name of the author. The format of the affiliation may differ in each journal. The obligatory minimum for an affiliation is stated above.

Scholarly Books: In case of monographs the affiliations are usually in the author’s profile or in different suitable place. It could be in the masthead next to the author’s name.

Chapters in a scholarly book: Usually there are no affiliations next to the author’s name in the books chapters. We recommend to discuss this with the editor and add the affiliation into the chapter (for example to the foot not on the first page, or at the end of the text), or to the author’s profile (if there is any).


If it’s a specific requirement of the provider (GA Czech Republic or else), the dedication is strictly obligatory. In other cases the dedications are strongly recommended. Of course it’s possible to change the text of the dedication. It’s important to be always aware of the dedication requirements of the provider (exact name registration number of the project etc.).

UNCE Projects

"This publication is the outcome of the project “Title of the Project” (UNCE20400X) realized at the Charles University, Faculty of Humanities."

PROGRES Projects

"This publication was supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports – Institutional Support for Long-term Development of Research Organizations – Charles University, Faculty f Humanities (202X) e.g. (2022)."

All other cases

For all other cases (different types of internal support, grants from external providers) are important rules of the provider, there is usually a registration number, title of the project and a note, that the outcome was created thanks to the financial support of the provider. We recommend to make sure that you have the correct version of the dedication check your project documentation or ask the provider.

For all other types of grants and projects it’s obligatory to state the affiliation to FHS CU. Results from different types of grants and projects without affiliation cannot be included in your publishing activity.

How to add the dedication

Journals: There is usually a reserved place for dedications; recommended form of the dedication differs in each journal.

Scholarly books: Dedications in monographs are placed in the masthead.

Chapters in scholarly book: Frequently there is o place for dedication. We recommend to contact the editors and add the dedication into the chapter (in the foot note on the first page or at the end of the text) or into the author’s profile.

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