Internal Programmes

Internal research programmes provides fundamental support for research activities at FHS CU. This type of funding is intended for long-term conceptual development (institutional funding of research) and the following projects belongs in this category.


The contest of University research centres is focused especially on supporting young perspective academics and scientists in the highest quality groups of basic research. The funding from UNCE enables already internationally recognized research groups to develop and deepen their scientific research.


The goal of Primus Programme is to support academic staff (usually with experience from abroad) in founding new research groups and laboratories at the University. There is a significant premise - the principal investigator of the project is obliged to (before the end of the initial project) try and apply for ECR grant. In case of projects from area of humanities and social sciences it's possible to apply for a different type of external grant.


Specific university research is held mainly by students while they are realizing accredited doctoral and master study programmes.


The Grant Agency of Charles University was founded in 1993 and it's an internal grant agency of the Charles University - in the current scheme of the contest it's possible only for admitted Charles University students to apply. The applicants has to be students of doctoral or master study programmes.


The main goal of the Junior Fund is to financially support doctoral study graduates abroad, where they can work on a project administrated by the faculty/its part for 2 years. This project is intended only for applicants who graduated from doctoral study programme in the time of application submission or within 10 years after graduating. If the applicant is already habilitated, it's not possible for him to be admitted to a post-doc position.


Start is a new programme supports research activities at Charles University. It's intended primarily for students of doctoral study programme at CU.This programme is being realized within the frame of project focused on increasing the quality of internal grant schemes at universities.

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